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March 2021

Kwon Lab new website!

Kwon Lab launches a brand-new website. Welcome, all visitors!

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October 2020

Jeehye publishes her second paper in Frontiers in BB

Jeehye's filaggrin work "Tuning the cell-free protein synthesis system for biomanufacturing of monomeric human filaggrin" publishes in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. Congrats!


October 2020

Caroline passes her general exam

Caroline Copeland has successfully passed a general exam. She is now a Ph.D. candidate. Congrats!


October 2020

Jeehye defends her dissertation

Jeehye Kim has successfully defended her dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Kim!

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April 2020

Kwon Lab is awarded a research grant from LA BoR

Kwon Lab is awarded a Louisiana Board of Regents research grant! 


March 2020

Caroline receives Donald W. Clayton Award

Caroline is awarded Donald W. Clayton Graduate Assistantship Award! Congratulations!

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January 2020

Senior Design team publishes an article

2018-2019 Senior Engineering Design team publishes their fascinating design product - Tympanostomy tube insertion surgical simulator - in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery journal. This work is a collaboration with Dr. Michael Dunham (LSUHSC). Thank you to Dr. Dunham for his true leadership!


November 2019

Yongchan helps middle school Science Olympiad team

Drs Kwon, Jung, and Lee at LSU College of Engineering professors work with Glasgow Middle School Science Olympiad Team! Yongchan and Caroline gave a short lecture on the basic concepts of molecular biotechnology.  

LSU College of Engineering News Letter

The Advocate


October 2019

Jeehye passes her general exam

Jeehye successfully passes her general exam. Jeehye is now a Ph.D. candidate. Way to go!

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August 2019

Chloe, Parker, and Pearce join the Kwon Lab

Chloe Heitmeier, Parker Hannan, and Pearce Copeland join the Kwon Lab as undergraduate researchers. Welcome to Kwon Lab!

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August 2019

Roll out Kwon Lab's first paper

We are excited to publish the very first Kwon Lab paper in Methods and Protocols. Jeehye and Caroline's co-first authored paper provides a practical guideline for the production of robust cell-extract and system optimization processes. Congratulations!

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April 2019

Kwon Lab participates in ENGage LSU event

The Kwon Lab participates in the 2019 ENGage LSU. Annual ENGage LSU event invites 6-8 grade students to offer various engineering concepts' hands-on demonstrations led by engineering professors and students. We have a fun game, "Decoding the Code," to understand biology's central dogma. 



September 2018

Kwon Lab Grand Opening Day

A year-long renovation finally finished. We celebrate the official Kwon Lab Grand Opening Day with faculties, staffs, and students. Thank you all for your heartful help! 

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August 2018

Sahana Padumane joins the Kwon Lab

Sahana joins the Kwon Lab as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome to Kwon Lab, Sahana!

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August 2018

Jeehye Kim and Caroline Copeland joins the Kwon Lab

Kwon Lab warmly welcomes its first graduate students, Jeehye and Caroline!

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November 2017

Yongchan receives Tipton Team Research Award

Yongchan and a Lignin “Beads” Team receives the Tipton Team Research Award! Thank you for Dr. Boldor's team leadership. Way to go!

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August 2017

Kwon Lab renovation starts!

The Kwon Lab, located in AgMetal Building on LSU main campus just kick off the renovation. Can't wait to open the Kwon Lab!

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